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Dynamic Simulation by dynamo

How great is to bring dynamic motion to Revit ! lately i been testing dynamic simulation process and i would like to share the results with you. I think it will preferable to do all of your work in one software without going back and forth between different software's at least you will avoid losing any type of information. I know it's too early to jump to this process but i think it's time to start talking about it! So, what i will show you is a real test been done by dynamo using periodic mode to simulate linear and rotational motion and after that been implemented in Revit. One thing i want to spot the light on that complex shape may fail or take long time to be simulated in Revit but still working perfectly in Dynamo.


I am going to explain a simple example so you can get the concept clearly and based on that you can develop your own script that satisfy your desire needs. when i am saying dynamic for sure there is no node or button called dynamic but the idea been built out of the box to work as a dynamicprocess.

So, how it works ?

The good thing about dynamo it's always updating the last created geometry and doesn't create new shapes from the same Node. So based on that, Simply you need an external source like a text file to read from then feed you nodes after that write again to the same file after increment the number then repeat the same process by running the script in the periodic mode. Watch the video below for better understanding.


what do you need ?

1- Install the below package.

a- Springs Package

2- Follow the below script. If you feel lazy it's OK! just request the script and i will share it with you.

Dynamo Scripts Request Here

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