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Clash Detection Enhancement

This post includes an enhancement workflow for the clash detection process using dynamo.

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What is the idea:

The workflow is focusing on speed up the process of solving clashes during the design stage, instead of dealing with multiple software’s, you will be able to run and represent clashes in one single environment. So the workflow will study all clashes in the model then create 3D views per clash with overriding the color of engaged elements.

What is new:

  1. Input Form: User input form to simplify dynamo workflow and the ability to run it through dynamo player.

  2. Clashes per category: Ability to run the clashes category Vs category (example. Walls vs Ducts)

  3. Progress bar: Shows dynamo’s progress with ability to cancel the process at any time. (Inspired by Deyan Nenov)

  4. Clash detection nodes: for the whole workflow with accurate output.

  5. 3D Views per solid: As been requested by users

Dynamo 2.02:

What Do you need:

- Packages: Dyn-BIMHEX


Dynamo Script Request Here

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