Tiles Counting and more

May 28, 2019

Since many been asking about the topic I made this script to simplify the process that can be developed more to meet your desired needs. I believe this workflow it can be developed more to cover panels and cladding.  




The built script will split the surfaces (Complex shapes included) based on UV values (Size of tile).Splitting will start from the center of the surface toward edges. Check the picture bellows.




Why it is useful:


1- Count the tiles.

2- Get the area per tile per type.

3- Detailing.

4- Minimize the wastage.


How it works: 


Dynamo 2.02

What Do you need:

    - Packages: Dyn-BIMHEX


Final Thought:


In the below example I started with the mentioned workflow above then i made a further development to cover counting the tiles of each type with different sizes. and end up with reporting view in Revit (Including Chart/tile's types with ability to add dimensions/ schedule). Check the pictures below.









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