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Floor Slicing

Hello everyone, i have built new workflow optimized and easy to use, i tried to cover all aspects regarding this topic and i am happy finally to publish the result. so floor slicing is a headache specially for the 4D people, all of us know the manual way copy/paste floor then edit the sketch manually in Revit or the workaround process convert to part then split these parts..........

My idea was to make this simpler and faster also without dealing with part and since Revit API still can access floor editing i found a workaround to do the same process so stay focus with the coming lines to fully understand the concept!

Also Vote for the idea to edit the floor through API

How it works:

I believe slicing been developed before but most of you still facing an issues with openings, so the idea is to split the procedure to more than one step to get the result. Reminder: Revit API doesn't have access to edit the floor sketch and what we will do as a workaround we are going to read the outlines for the each sliced floor and create new floor from that with applying the opening for each floor if needed then give you the ability to keep or delete the old floor not only that all the instance parameter will be copied from the old element to the new elements. Simple and easy!

For the hosted family opening on the floor will be remodeled as floor opening cut, if you still need to place the same family for schedule or other need this need more development. The process is applied on one floor not multiple but you will be able to run it through dynamo player. i kept the option for you to delete the old element because you may have hosted elements and they will be deleted if you choose to delete the old element.

Workflow Dynamo 2.02:

Make sure to install Dyn-BIMHEX package

Dynamo Script Request Here

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